About Neale

Adventurer. Humanitarian. Motorcyclist. Road Warrior. Writer. Photographer. Tennis Player. Father. Storyteller.

Neale Bayly, renowned motorcycle journalist and philanthropic adventure rider, has explored much of the world on two wheels, riding across 45 countries in 35 years, many of them at the helm of adventure-seeking expeditions.

Nearly 30 years ago, the unshaven, mop-haired Brit arrived in the US on a one-way ticket and $200 in his pocket. Neale worked odd jobs, bought a $400 bike, and rode from Florida to Alaska. Declaring America a “big freak show” that he couldn’t possibly leave, Neale, father of Patrick (12) and Luke (17), now calls Charlotte, NC home.

During an adventure motorcycle ride to Peru years ago, Neale was transformed by the abandoned children he met at the Hogar Belen orphanage. He formed Wellspring International Outreach, a nonprofit dedicated to helping orphans around the world.