Cast & Team



Troy Rice

Driven. A little OCD. Bullish. A Lover.

“Them that don’t know him won’t like him, and them that do sometimes won’t know how to take him.” –Willie Nelson

A North Carolina-native, Troy is an entrepreneur and owner of IT company, SEE THE MATRIX. When Troy’s not working or riding motorcycles on and off-road, he, his wife Patty and their two children can be found traveling all over the country in their motor-home.

Peru was Troy’s first adventure out of the US. He’d like his next passport stamp to be from France.

“My children inspire me. When I see the world through their eyes, with such innocence, I work harder, so they can live more days with this innocence.”


James Johnson, aka, “The Whiskey Priest”

Adventurous. Passionate. Loyal. A Wanderer. Intense.

Born in Nassau, Bahamas, James is an ordained pastor who is affectionately called “The Whiskey Priest”. He is an entrepreneur, a closet writer, a spiritual director, and ironically, a former hair model.

James and his wife, Jennifer, love riding, traveling, and time with friends and their Chihuahua—Peanut Butter Johnson (yes, that’s PB&J).

James started riding motorcycles when he was 9 and went to traffic court at age 11 for doing 60 mph on a sidewalk.

Having traveled extensively in Europe and Africa, James wants to journey soon to the French Polynesian Islands.


Laura Ellis

Fearless. Warm. Passionate. Excitement Seeker.

Currently Medical Director for medAge, Dr. Laura Ellis has spent time as a chemist, guest scientist for the CDC, and owner of a vein center.

Born in West Virginia and raised in Greensboro, NC, Laura now lives in Asheville, NC with her two teenage boys.

Laura strives for opportunities to push herself beyond her comfort zone—intellectually, physically, emotionally. Going fast on a motorcycle or in a car is her favorite speed.

China is on Laura’s short list for her next adventure.


Brandon McDearis

Loyal. Worldy. Tough. Dedicated. Quiet.

Brandon is NBR’s support driver and nutritionist, providing snacks, meal replacements, and water purification systems for the team.

The son of a Baptist preacher, Brandon works as a chef, nutritionist, freelance writer, and recipe developer. He’s passionate about his work and is also an avid adventurer, mountain biker, hiker, and sprint triathlete. Living next door to Neale for three years, Brandon was inspired by Neale’s philanthropic adventures. Recently, Brandon traveled the long way around the world, visiting five continents along the way.

After spending the summer working as an Executive Chef at a lodge in Alaska, Brandon will head to Antarctica as part of the US Antarctic Program.


Bill Conger

Intense. Competitive. Fast. Methodical.

A Driving Instructor at the BMW Performance Center, Bill was Neale’s wing man on the adventure. In addition to training the cast on the BMW GS’ stateside, Bill traveled to Peru with the team. An expert rider, he was instrumental in helping Neale get the cast safely across Peru in one piece.